How Do I Search for Property?
Type a location, type MLS numbers, or click a state.

There are three ways to begin your property search on the home page: Search by location (address, zip code, etc.), Search by MLS #, or Search by State. And when you search by location or MLS#, you can choose to view your results on a Map or in a List.

View results as: Map if you want to continue refining your location or if you like maps more than lists. View results as: List if you like viewing search results in a detailed, sortable list. With either method, you can refine your search criteria at any time.


The location that you specified is oulined on the map. Listings for that location are displayed when the search produces between 1 and 5000 matches.

Windermere Search tool

Note: The location boundary on the map is based on the latest geopolitial mapping data, and the location of a listing is based on the first-hand knowledge of the home owner and real estate agent. As a result, you will sometimes see pushpins on the map that fall outside the boundary. This is intentional, as Windermere wants your search results to include all relevant listings.

A Note about Neighborhoods: If you type in a neighborhood name that is not an actual geopolitical designation (is not officially recognized) the bing™ map engine may not find it. Also, if there is a city by the same name within the same state, the map might focus on the city rather than the neighborhood you intended.

Fine-tune your search location on the map:
  • To zoom out, click Zoom Out button.
  • To zoom in, click Zoom In button or double-click on the map where you want to zoom in.
  • To move the map, set the cursor to Drag Cursor Selector - Drag and click-and-drag the map.
  • For more ways to fine-tune your location, see Using the Map.
Set your search criteria:
  • To the right of the map, you set search criteria like listing price and bedroom count.
    Search Criteria
  • Click Search button.
    When the search process completes, the number of properties that match both your search criteria and search location is shown in the yellow band.
    Number of property matches
  • Properties appear when you have between 1 and 5000 matches.
    • If you have more than 5000, narrow your location, criteria, or both.
    • If you have 0, broaden your location, criteria, or both.
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